Discovery is at the heart of what we do

Uncovering what’s hidden, and respectfully sharing it with the world.

Storytelling, curiosity and a genuine fascination about who, where and why spaces tick, and revealing the creatives and stories behind them.

We believe wordsmithing is a craft, and that great words are part of the conversation to help enrich our cities, along with the people and projects who bring them to life.

As passionate supporters of the local design industry, we feel it’s a privilege to step through doors that are usually closed and to bring their stories – and businesses – into the light.

We’ve been doing just that for more than 15 years.

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We write copy and content strategy for select private clients around Australia, including property professionals, magazines, publishers, and agencies.

We leverage our commercial and journalism experience to create copy that leaps off the page – and we do it for some of the best and brightest companies around Australia.

But we never take words – or spaces – for granted. They must work hard, meet objectives, marketing strategies and act as a natural extension to your business.

We love to work with

  • Interior design firms and practice managers

  • Small to medium-size architecture practice founders

  • Property, branding, PR and content agencies

  • Marketing managers and directors

  • Industry leading publishers

  • National property companies and industry associations

What we value

Delivering insightful, meaningful content

“Our business covers a range of different industries, and Annie is never daunted by the technical subject matter or in finding interesting angles to engage our audiences, delivering insightful, meaningful content.”

Stephanie Bleakley, Marketing Manager Total Facilities & DesignBuild, Diversified Communications Australia 

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About Annie Reid


Annie Reid is an award-winning copywriter, best-selling author and professional journalist. With more than 15 years’ industry experience. A love for design and architecture. And a desire to use words to enrich the spaces and cities in our lives.

She was 14 when she knew she wanted to be a journalist. She remembers listening to the click clacking of her grandfather’s typewriter in his den, also a journalist and author. But her love for property had struck even earlier; discovering the nooks and crannies of a family home by the beach, playing hide and seek amongst the fruit trees in the backyard of her grandmother’s house.

“My first published editorial was in the Herald Sun newspaper at 16; a review of the play ‘Robin Hood’ performed in the Royal Botanic Gardens. To this day, I have no idea how the editor found me, but my path was set and it was clearly meant to be. I was later awarded a Fairfax journalism cadetship after graduating university.”

But that wasn’t enough; she knew there was more. Fleet Street, London was calling. She left Australia with a backpack and a ticket, worked on a local London newspaper and a luxury homes magazine, plus travelled around Europe writing on property the other half live in.

“Between the headlines and deadlines, I had a revelation. I realised I could use words to help uncover what others created, designed and built, in the same way I uncovered my grandfather’s life through his autobiographies. And then tell their stories.”

Today, Annie has built a proud body of work comprising publications, books, newspapers and client projects that leaves a legacy and fills her bookshelves. Work that will live on in generations of her family as a testament to a simple desire to design better for life.

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