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The problem

Ben and Bryce are highly respected property professionals who were seeking to write their first book together, as the successful founders of The Property Couch and their business, Empower Wealth. They reached out to Atrium through our good friends at Major Street Publishing, seeking for writing help because they were unsure how to dedicate the time and energy while already running multiple businesses and with several high profile commitments.

The approach

Meeting at Ben and Bryce’s North Melbourne headquarters once a week, we tackled the book chapter by chapter already with an approved book structure and table of contents in place, which provided peace of mind to always stay ‘on message’. The book was written in about six months at about 50,000 words, and was published and distributed to all book stores around Victoria as well as through the author’s extensive database. The book continues to be Major Street’s highest selling title across its entire portfolio.

  • Book structure and early development

  • Ghostwriting

  • Interviewing

  • Project management

  • Strong publisher collaboration

Our first book is still on book shelves and complements our business very well.

“I have worked closely with Annie to help write our first book, which is still on book shelves and complements our business very well. Annie’s ability to transform our own frameworks, interviews and words into book form, and matching our tone of voice seamlessly was a real asset.”

Bryce Holdaway, Partner, Empower Wealth, Co-host of The Property Couch, Co-Author of The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, and Co-host of Location Location Location on Foxtel’s The Lifestyle Channel

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