rethink property investing

The problem

Scott and Mina are the directors of Australia’s leading property investment business specialising in commercial property, Rethink Investing. With work pressures, family pressures and a desire to produce the first recent book on commercial investing, they reached out to Atrium for help with writing the book because they needed help to bring their ideas to life.

The approach

Starting from scratch, we flew to Sydney to meet them at their office, which was a great way to understand who they were and see what they did. Over a period of eight months, we worked with Scott and Mina remotely but with regular meetings to work through each chapter and section with a highly professional approach translating ideas into a publishable format. As a point of difference, the book contains a strong lifestyle element based on the author’s experiences and expertise. Scott sent the manuscript to Wiley, who commissioned and published it.

  • Ghostwriting

  • Interviewing

  • Book development

  • Project management

“Initial sales figures reported that the book sold more in six weeks than any other property investment book on the shelves, which was a fantastic result.”

Scott O’Neill, Co-Director, Rethink Investing

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