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The problem

The directors of Atkinson Pontifex, Dean Atkinson and David Pontifex are highly qualified, award-winning and established builders in Bayside. We have worked with AP for many years, but with the team busy with multi-million dollar projects, they were unable to dedicate the time to create the words to accompany their first coffee table book of their work, approach, and history in southeast Melbourne.

The approach

We worked closely with Dean and David and their team to understand the nuances of the curated projects featured in the book, creating not only the story of construction, but adding colour with background context and a desire to create a highly readable and engaging text.

  • Author

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Project management

Dean and David were so happy with the outcome of the book that they invited Annie back for a second edition. Both are still well circulated today around Bayside suburbs, local Bayside businesses and local bookshops.

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