Rethinking the Future’s global interview program

RTF encourages and promotes excellence in architecture on a global scale. Annie was invited as a guest to share her media tips and reveal her plans for 2024 – including her beautiful new book!

With over two decades of prolific writing, Annie’s journey in the world of words began long before she founded Atrium Media in 2009. Her bylines have graced the pages of Australia’s leading newspapers, design magazines worldwide, and her expertise has been sought after by organizations and agencies seeking the perfect turn of phrase.

However, Annie’s narrative prowess extends far beyond journalism. Her inaugural book in 2009 ignited a passion for ghostwriting, leading her to craft compelling narratives that adorn the shelves of bookstores globally. From property insights to captivating lifestyle memoirs, her penmanship adorns a spectrum of genres, captivating readers and collaborating with esteemed publishers such as Major Street Publishing, Hardie Grant, Publish Central, and Wiley.