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1-1 support with your book writing journey

Do you have a book in you? Or a big idea but can’t find the right words?

Without the right help, your big idea may stay just that. And the potential to build brand and personal credibility could simply…. disappear.

Sometimes, all you need is a starting point.

Book coaching? Is that a thing?

Yes! Atrium is here to help you take your book idea from a mission to a manuscript, from a book page to a bookshelf.

Atrium’s director, Annie, brings 20 years experience as a journalist, ghostwriter and author to guide you on the life-fulfilling journey to create a book. As your coach, mentor and all-around supporter, she will be there with you as someone who has written her own books and understands the secret world of publishing.

Atrium’s book coaching service includes four easy options, depending on what you would like your journey to look and feel like. It’s not a journey for everyone but with the right support – from a forum to test your ideas to a complete manuscript – your book will get the best start that only comes from partnering with a professional.

Writing a book is hard…

Many authors tell me that writing their book is the hardest thing they’ve ever done in their professional lives. I agree.

  • It always takes longer than you think
  • It requires time carved away from your life, family, friends
  • It feels like a long, hard road to get to the end
  • It challenges your knowledge and beliefs
  • It takes you out of your comfort zone.
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…but also beautiful

Many authors also tell me that completing their book is the most satisfying thing they’ve ever done. I also agree.

  • It elevates brand authority in their market
  • It attracts higher-quality work
  • It supports career progression
  • It secures higher-profile projects
  • It ticks off a lifelong personal goal
  • It appears on bookshelves (if that’s the goal).

Book coaching can help. Here’s what’s included:

At Atrium, we believe in the craft of writing. Our purpose is to make people feel by uncovering what’s hidden and sharing it respectfully with the world. We know what works, why it works and how to make your book even better, in line with Australian publishing trends.

1-1 Support

  • Writing books is in my DNA. I am committed to getting into the work with you.
  • Guaranteed 1-1 support and allocated time where I am present and focused.
  • Honest appraisals, timely feedback.
  • Allocated time for me to review your manuscript at key stages.
  • A safe space for you to share your story.

High quality

  • Help to find your voice, style and tone so that your book reflects you and stands out.
  • An understanding of narrative, storytelling and genre so that your book is relevant.
  • Proven, award-winning writing that is strong, personable and elevates your thinking.
  • Guidance from a professional writer, journalist and author.

Guided framework

  • A tailored writing plan that works for you.
  • Clear guidelines of 1-1 time.
  • Templates and worksheets to help write each chapter.
  • Absolute certainty of expectations and accountability
  • Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, a personal framework customised with an acknowledgement and understanding of your time, commitments and life and how to work around them to write – and finish – your book.

Australian publishing insight

  • Insight and guidance with current publishing trends.
  • Invitation to connect with Australia’s leading publishers.
  • Commercial publishing experience understanding what books sell and how to make yours marketable.
  • Guidance if your book is commissioned.
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Annie got us – the tone was spot on.

“Working with Annie brought a sense of calm to what could have been a very chaotic process. As a company renowned for our rapid response to saving lives, that fast-paced feel comes across in the writing, the tone was spot on.”

Eamonn Sullivan, Director – Global Communications, Media & PR, Aspen Medical
“Above and Beyond: The First 20 Years” by Aspen Medical (the book)

Now, choose your level of support

Each book coaching option includes 1-1 support with Annie personally – simply choose how much support you need and you’ll have space to write your book without stress.

The Health Check

You will receive a 2.5-hour workshop to present your book idea and concept to Annie for her appraisal and advice.

Perfect if you want a sounding board for your early ideas and a viability check before you start writing.

Your support

  • 1 x online workshop covering tips to enhance and improve the concept, structure and commercial viability.

Your framework

  • We will cover: Your why and objectives. Plus, big dreams!

  • Your progress and my approach on what to cut or include

What you get

  • A report emailed to you following the workshop
  • A suggested table of contents
  • Guide on how to structure your book, with length, image suggestions
  • Timeline to follow to write it, according to your commitments
  • Tone of Voice Guide, with key words to use.

Your outcome

  • Confidence in your book concept so that you can write it in your own time, with a framework to follow to help get it done.

$957 (ex GST)

Zero to Pitch

You will receive 2 workshops over 1 month with Annie to create a book pitch draft ready to send to publishers.

Perfect if you have your big idea and book table of contents but don’t know how to present it to publishers as a pitch document.

Your support

  • 2x online workshops, 1.5 hours each.

  • A template to fill in together that covers all elements of a successful pitch.
  • 3 rounds of reviews

Your framework

Methodically work through key components of a pitch over 2 sessions, including:

  • Book Summary
  • Your why
  • Structure
  • Table of contents
  • Audience
  • Your profile

Your outcome

  • One complete publisher’s pitch document ready to submit to your preferred publisher, and a base to use to submit to other publishers.

$2,857 (ex GST)

First Pages Package

You will receive 6 support sessions with Annie to use at any time within 6 months.

Perfect if you want flexibility and are ready to commit to creating your book but would like a professional partner to guide you.

These sessions are free for you to choose how you want to spend the time with Annie. Maybe you need help with your table of contents. Or you’re not sure how to bring in case studies. If that sounds like too much, Annie can guide you with her book framework.

Your support

  • 6x online sessions, 1 hour each

  • 3 reviews of your book with Annie’s feedback
  • Homework before and after each session, to maximise our time together in session.

Your framework

You choose how you wish to structure your 6 support sessions, but we can also work from a schedule that could look like this:

  • Kick-off chat
  • Structure and table of contents
  • 3 chapter review
  • 1st draft review
  • 2nd draft review
  • 3rd draft review

Your outcome

  • A completed manuscript that you have written yourself within 6 months, ready for the next stage.

$9,997 (ex GST)

Second Pages Package

You will receive 12 support sessions with Annie to use at any time within 12 months.

Perfect if you are starting from scratch and need comprehensive help with up to a year to complete your book.

These sessions give you plenty of time to map out your book and give yourself space to write, especially for those who have work commitments, families or other life responsibilities.

Your support

  • 12x online sessions, 1 hour each

  • 6 reviews of your book with Annie’s feedback
  • Homework before and after each session, to maximise our time together in session.
  • 3 edited chapters of your choice in the book by Annie, to give you a strong sense of tone of voice and your style.

Your framework

You can choose how you wish to structure your 12 support sessions, but we can also work from a milestone schedule that looks like this:

  • Kick off chat
  • Structure and table of contents
  • 3 chapter review
  • 1st draft review
  • 2nd draft review
  • 3rd draft review

Your outcome

  • A completed manuscript that you have written yourself within 12 months, ready for the next stage.

$19,997 (ex GST)

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The highlight was the collaboration.

“I thoroughly enjoyed writing passages each week as it was so clearly laid out and communicated to me. I would always look forward to our weekly meetings as it was fun to touch base and talk about the project and would always have a laugh and fun conversation.”

Nick Bracks, Director and Founder, Move Your Mind
Move Your Mind (the book)

annie reid book coaching melbourne

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you’re wondering if now’s the right time to write your book, here’s a question. If not now, when? The sooner you commit to yourself, the sooner you’ll be closer to completing a life ambition.

Imagine the feeling of immense personal satisfaction when you complete your first manuscript.

Some questions?

Creative people, designers and architects who have an incredible book idea and want to explore its potential, or are ready to jump in and do the writing. You may have started your manuscript too and got stuck – or started with a framework and want to test its viability.

People in small-to-medium businesses who may have either written a business book or are starting fresh and want to feel confident creating a book.

People who wish to write a memoir, and would like to have some help writing with input with a mentor beside them, along with help on the best publisher fit for them.

Yes! Annie will help you find the clarity and direction you need to get your words onto the page.

Absolutely. Atrium works with four leading Australian publishers and can skip the queue through our personal contacts.

Hopefully, you feel as though Atrium has provided value for you. If not, we are happy to work with you to provide a refund as a last resort.

You only need to complete the 1-1 sessions within the timeframe, but take as long as you need to write the book afterwards. Most authors can complete their book, but life happens, and sometimes it’s not possible. We are with you to support you but if you feel you need more sessions, you can book them independently of our packages.

Each session will be held virtually to ensure each author enjoys the same experience. There is an option to hold in-person sessions in a co-working space, but have a discussion with Annie first and she can talk you through the options. For example, you might like to have your first session face-to-face and the rest online – or vice versa.

You will need to send your pitch out to your select publishers, if you would like to be published traditionally. Annie can help you identify which ones might work best for your book, but it’s up to you to then send it on. Annie ensures that the pitch created will work for more than one publisher, so you don’t have to rewrite it each time.

Often, you don’t! Sometimes, all they need is a few sample chapters or words up to 5,000, for example, which is enough to whet their appetite. It’s worth mentioning that the submission requirements are different for each publisher and they are very strict on rejecting submissions that don’t follow their criteria exactly. Don’t be that person!

Much of publishing happens behind closed doors, so it’s hard to understand how it works, how decisions are made and ultimately, what will get a title over the line. It’s common to send off a manuscript and hear nothing back other than an automated message to acknowledge their receipt of it, so a lot of time you might feel in the dark. There are hundreds if not thousands of authors vying for a tiny amount of publishing opportunities each year, so it’s little surprise the publishers only contact those who are successful. And for those who break through, it’s a fabulous feeling of accomplishment!

Ready to write that book? Book a discovery call.